Hike Across America

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What motivates TShane Johnson to dare great things like his Hike Across America that benefits and inspires thousands? Or, as he would ask it, what is his “WHY?’” This book contains a thoroughly captivating collection of personal stories that answer the question and encourage you to find your why. He begins with life on a farm outside Arcadia, Florida, where, from his demanding but loving dad, he learned the value of hard work and perseverance, and where he first dabbled in entrepreneurship. After he left home for the Marine Corps, he was riding high until one fateful day when, outside Camp Pendleton in California, he was run down on his motorcycle by a gang who robbed him and left him for dead. The injuries were so severe, he flatlined three times before the medical team could stabilize him. Recovery was uncertain, but encouraged by his dad and convinced he had been allowed to live to serve a greater good, TShane fought on. With a new lease on life, he started a successful Mortgage business and once again, the future looked bright. And, so it went until the market crashed in 2008 and he lost everything. He had no home, no car, and could barely afford to eat. Determined to overcome adversity and fulfill his destiny, he struggled back again until today he runs several successful businesses and is a noted motivational speaker and author. Throughout Hike Across America, 3,000 Miles for Your Why, TShane challenges the reader to attempt greatness and offers the kind of direction and advice that can only come from someone who has experienced so much. He also reveals that his “why” is his young daughter, Charli.