Keep Your Feet Moving

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In his book, Keep Your Feet Moving, TShane Johnson offers seven principles for getting through hard times. His leadership and direction are based not on management theories learned in a classroom, but on real-life challenges that he has experienced. From his early years on a farm to the gang attack that left him at death’s door, and a market crash that made him homeless but not hopeless, TShane has undeniable credibility. He knows how to overcome adversity because he has succeeded in doing just that in the grimmest situations. His seven principles are down-to-earth concepts supported by life-changing philosophies, point-for-point guidance, and practical exercises. Add to this his novel approach to defeating misfortune and his conviction that one’s greatest power is to keep moving through times of hardship, and you have a book that is valuable not only in times of trouble but also when things are good and there are more modest daily trials to deal with. It all begins with the simple advice to “Make Your Bed,” and carries the reader on a journey that promises to be unlike any other in terms of personal development and individual achievement. Clearly, TShane is a man who has been there and done that.